Care Guide

Our tips

Please refer to individual product care instructions on each product page.

 FEELE is dedicated to sourcing high quality fabrications that meet your quality and care needs. We want your pieces to be long lasting and leave you feeling good at home, first. 

  • Be mindful of how you care for your garments to extend their life.
  • Wash less by airing out your garment and spot removing stains
  • Aim to wash your garments on cold wash
  • Avoid dryers and lay garments to dry flat in shade

 If you have any comments and feedback on the fit, fabric and care of your FEELE garments, we welcome this and are always striving to improve and provide better products. 

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Knitted Garments


  • Our knitted garments are made from 100% natural fibre, Australia wool which is excellent at keeping you warm.
  • Wool is highly breathable and wool fibres naturally allow air to flow, preventing you from overheating.
  • Wool keeps you dry as wool fibres wick moisture away from your skin. The Moisture is absorbed through the fibres and released through evaporation.
  • Wool is odour resistant
  • Wool helps your temperature regulate as the fibres trap body heat in tiny air pockets which provides insulation.
  • Wool is soft to skin, providing everyday luxury and comfort for the home and beyond.

How to care for your wool garments?

  • To ensure your woollen garments retail their shape, do not deteriorate and continue to perform you need to care for them carefully.
  • Ensure you follow the care instructions listed on the care label to prolong the life of your garment.
  • Wash with care, dry with care, wear with care, store with care, maintain with care

 What about Pilling?

  • Pilling is not a sign of bad quality – did you know that the more loosely spun the yarn is, the more luxurious it is? This means that knits made from wool, cashmere and mohair can more likely pill than their synthetic counter parts
  • Pilling is a natural occurrence caused by movement
  • Pilling may occur but there are several ways to prevent it and methods to remove formed pills to ensure you garment is still looking great.

Ways to avoid pilling:

  1. Turn your wool clothes inside-out before washing
  2. Avoid using fabric softener
  3. Try to minimise abrasion when wearing wool clothing

  Ways to remove pilling:

  1. Remove by hand after drying and prior to ironing
  2. Use a pilling comb to remove pills carefully and gently
  3. Use a battery operated pill or lint removal device.