Manufacturing, Pricing & Sustainability


FEELE is designed and owned by Australians. Our Garments are made offshore with our partner manufacturers.  Great care and time is taken to ensure our garments are sourced through an ethical supply chain, where manufacturers adhere to high ethical, social and environmental standards. 

This includes protecting the livelihoods of vulnerable workers in the supply chain and upholding human rights standards.  The manufacturers adhere to labour practices aligned with the International Labour Organisation's conventions, in relation to ethical trade and the Ethical Trade Initiative base code.


Our pricing is reflective of our smaller order quantities, high quality fabrications and packaging as well as ensuring that our partner manufacturers are paid fairly.


Our quantities are small and limited. We aim to only buy to anticipated demand so as to not over invest in stock that may end up in landfill. As a new brand, we are reviewing this constantly to reduce our impact.

We pride ourselves on our affordable quality. Our garments are high quality woven and knit fabrications, designed to wash and wear well. We aim to create pieces of good quality in classic colours, so you see longevity out of these pieces with less need to update regularly. 


As a small business, producing small quantities means that we usually don’t meet high minimums on custom fabrics and colours. We like to think our impact is small, by sourcing high quality, pre-made, off the roll fabrics, from our partner fabric mills.

Currently, our fabrics have not been additionally manufactured or dyed for our use. The fabric is purchased off a roll, cut and then manufactured. We do not add to the manufacture of new fabrics, but rather invest in existing high quality fabrics which may have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Our partner factories and mills also recommend surplus fabrics that may have been cancelled by other brands. This enables us to use high quality fabrics that are more sustainable and at a more competitive price, that we can pass on to you.

We have recently commenced using fabrics that have at least 1 sustainable attribute, whether that be BCI Cotton or Viscose that is deforestation free. Our aim is to move our entire range to this. 


FEELE currently uses recycled & recyclable tissue paper. 

Our manufacturing, sustainability, and pricing, is an ongoing area of focus for FEELE as we strive to improve with each drop. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at